General Conversation English

A series of classes to help improve your general spoken English using a fun and stress-free approach

Speaking English in a foreign country can be difficult!It can be intimidating coming to a country and speaking to the locals where the first language spoken is different than yours.  This is true whether you are an advanced student of English who has spent years using the language or whether you have had little opportunity to use English. As a result, many students miss out on the opportunities that can arise from conversing in English at university or in the local area such as improving understanding of their academic subjects, meeting new friends or finding out about the many interesting adventures that living in a foreign country can offer.  

Using English in a fun, innovative and stress-free way!This class is designed to help students overcome their fear of using English in Glasgow and the UK by providing a fun environment where language can be used in imaginative ways to build fluency and to increase vocabulary and language range.  And it’s perfect for students.  The aims of the course areto enhance the experience of living in Glasgow as a student, while escaping the stress of academic life, and to improve your English speaking skills all at once.  

The classesThere are 6 classes that run for 2 hours and 30 minutes each.  There is no preparation needed, so students just need to show up at the class time.  ALL students are expected to participate in the activities.