Academic Writing in English

A series of classes to help improve your general spoken English using a fun and stress-free approach

Success at university relies on strong academic writing!At university it is vital that you are able to demonstrate the knowledge which you have acquired. Academic writing (e.g. essays, dissertations and theses) is the main way that you show your understanding of your courses.  

Academic writing in the UK can be quite different than in other countries!Many international students are unaware that there are many conventions of academic writing in the UK which are quite different than the style of academic writing in other countries. This is particularly the case with many Asian countries.  Due to the lack of understanding about this, many international students fail to achieve the marks they desire, or in some cases, the marks they require to graduate. 

Learn the skills you need to improve your academic writing!This class covers the most important aspects of academic writing such as paraphrasing and summarising, synthesising sources and evidence, proofreading and correction, and how two write using an academic tone.  These skills will be focused on in class and strategies will given to help you produce much stronger academic writing.  

The classesThere are 6 classes that run for 2 hours and 30 minutes each.  There may be some preparation needed in order to improve your writing. However, this course is intended to supplement your academic studies without creating further stress due an increased workload.